Mini Antlers Humidifier

Topmate Mini Antlers Humidifier

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  • 1 Lovely Antlers Design:Unique antler shape, minimalist and cute design, humidifier interior has colored breathing lights, can be used as a night light and home decoration. It’s a good choice to be a gift.
  • 2 Auto-off Feature:Designed with the auto-off feature, four hours default to close the humidifier by itself to prevent from damaging when the water tank is empty. And the colorful light will be turned off automatically after 1 hour to save energy.
  • 3 Ultrasound Silent Operation:This humidifier is very quiet. It adopts ultrasonic technology to create a calm, relaxing environment. You no need to worry that it will affect your sleep. On the contrary, it will bring you good sleep quality.
  • 4 Mini Size and Portable:Palm size does not occupy the space, it can be carried with you at any time and placed in anywhere to meet the use of various scenes, such as in the bedroom, car or office.
  • 5 Increase Humidity of Air:Using this humidifier in a dry air-conditioned room or in dry weather, can add more moisture to the room and reduces dryness and tightness of your skin.


Product Number: 318
Product Name: Lovely Antlers Humidifier
Size: 80*80*139mm
Weight: 151g
Rated voltage: DC5V-1A
Rated power: 1.5-2W
Input interface: DC3.5
Spray time: 4 hours
Light time: 1 hour
Water capacity: 220 (MAX)
Switch control button:

1 Pressing the power button to turn on the humidifier and the breathing colorful light.
2 Press the power button again to turn off the humidifier and the breathing light stays lit.
3 Press the bottom for 3 seconds to freeze the current color of the breathing LED light
4 The humidifier will turn off automatically after 4 hours and the breathing colorful light will turn off after 1 hour.


It takes about a few minutes for the non-soaked cotton stick to absorb water. We will give an extra cotton stick at random.
After a long time of use, if the volume of spray is small. Try to use the other end of the cotton stick to install or replace the new ones. Do not use pure or distilled water. You can use clean tap water or mineral water.

This humidifier uses a high-frequency atomizer. If there is water on the surface of the atomizer, it will affect the spray volume. Please dry it with a clean paper towel.

If there is water accumulation in a short period of time, please replace water. Do not touch the atomizer with your hands or hard objects to avoid burns or damage.


Do not expose this product to heat, fire, or temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius, and avoid storing it in direct sunlight. Do not subject this product to mechanical shock.


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